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What is a GeoSpatial Webinar?

A GeoSpatial Webinar is an educational and informative live online production designed to generate sales leads for your products or services.

Two Format Choices: 30- or 60- Minutes

Need to do a demo to your best prospects? We offer a concise 30-minute format that allows you to get in front of new prospects quickly without the hassle of jumping on an airplane.

Need a little longer to deliver your message and reach a broader audience? Our 60-minute format is perfect for delivering your complete message to a captive audience. This is a comprehensive solution in which we deliver a professionally produced 'live' event with maximum return on your investment.

What's included with a GeoSpatial Webinar?

A lot! Our professional production staff handles all the details from A to Z—and you reap the rewards!

Extensive Promotion of Your Webinar

  • The subscriber lists of Direction Magazine and on our websites
  • Our collective lists of geospatial conference attendees
  • Those who have attended previous GeoSpatial Webinars
  • Those among our extensive social media network, including multiple LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and on our Facebook page

Effective Strategies

  • We learn about your goals, then develop your content into a compelling story designed to engage attendees.
  • We strongly position your promotional message within the webinar.

Professional Production

  • We conduct comprehensive rehearsals with your presenters and panelists to ensure a lively and interactive event.
  • One of our senior producers will host and moderate your webinar.

Ongoing Outreach Opportunities

  • On-demand viewing of your webinar is available from our online archive for six months at no additional charge.

The Bottom Line: Measurable Results = More Leads

You'll know who has registered, who is attending and more.

  • Attendees participate in live polling opportunities—we measure these activities for you.
  • We conduct a live Q&A session during the webinar. This provides an immediate opportunity for you to engage a potential customer.
  • Following the webinar, you get comprehensive statistical analysis including:
    • Both registered and live attendee information
    • Attentiveness index
    • Key sales leads

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