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  • Tuesday, Oct 28
    12:30 PM - 1:30 PM EDT
    UAVs for Survey and Mapping - Part II

    Join us as we continue the conversation in Part II of the series.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) present an opportunity for a wide range of usage in land survey. UAV-based aerial survey provides an opportunity to capture data with a quick turnaround time and at lesser cost. The versatility of UAVs will facilitate its usage in many application verticals. With the introduction of survey grade data from UAV, it is bound to extend the horizon of UAVs in land survey and more.

    Who should attend? 
    Land Records Department, Urban Development Department , Disaster Management Department , GIS and Survey Companies, Academia & Institutions, Consultants 

  • Tuesday, Nov 11
    2:00 PM - 2:40 PM EST
    Turn Google Maps into a Decision Support Portal With GAP

    Just the facts

    In your organization, to make the right decision, you need to see the whole picture, right away.  GAP, Geographic Area Profiler from TSI Mapping, is a geographic portal that ties customer records to critical business and infrastructure data. Collect all your critical data in one place, accessible and sharable. Easily visualize it using familiar and intuitive Google Maps.

    In this webinar you will learn

    • Built-in reporting and robust, exportable querying
    • Visualize your data using Google Maps, built over Spectrum Spatial
    • Combine your customer data with the integrated demographic data
    • React quickly and effectively to unforeseen events, and anticipate adjustments to your strategy

    More details

    For over 25 years TSI has served customers whose vision and needs go beyond the basic use of off-the-shelf mapping technology.  In the past decade, TSI expanded its scope to embrace more advanced solutions and services, including sophisticated spatial analysis and back-end database connectivity.


    Steven Carr, President, TSI

    Carl Hugelmeyer, Product and Consulting Services Manager, TSI

    Who should attend

    Analysts, managers, company executives, anyone who requires quick access to critical data to make effective business decisions

  • Wednesday, Nov 19
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
    3D Transportation & Infrastructure Planning with Esri CityEngine and LumenRT

    Just the facts

    The use of 3D has evolved from its former time-consuming and costly state into practical, real-world workflows for infrastructure modeling and visualization, such as the projects showcased in this webinar. First, learn how the Alabama DOT (ALDOT) has successfully utilized LumenRT 2015 along with Esri CityEngine on the Mobile River Bridge project to create immersive visualizations of a large 10 km square area of the proposed bridge and surrounding site area.  Next, Critigen will unveil their use of CityEngine for a large sewer tunnel project in London which combined simple 3D site models, city-scape models and bathymetric survey data. 

    In this webinar you will learn

    • How to leverage Esri CityEngine and LumenRT software for modeling and visualizing infrastructure projects
    • Different approaches for sharing, communicating, and collaborating in 3D
    • Successful 3D infrastructure implementation strategies & workflows


    Geoff Taylor, 3D Solutions Engineer, Esri  

    Dave Burdick, VP of Marketing, E-on Software

    J.D. D'Arville, GIS Administrator, Alabama Department of Transportation  

    Tom Turchioe, CTO, Critigen

    Who should attend

    GIS Professionals, Local Government, Department of Transportation, Design Visualization Professionals, Civil Engineers and anyone interested in 3D


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