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  • Wednesday, Jun 10
    1:59 PM - 2:59 PM EDT
    Unlocking the Secrets in Your Business Data

    What if you had the power to access data of any type from any source, creating the dataset you need without waiting on IT’s request queue? Korem can help you unlock the secrets contained in your business data and you won’t need an IT degree to do it. By leveraging the power of Alteryx, the leader in data blending and analytics, you will be able to take a different approach by offering powerful data blending capabilities in an intuitive workflow that is up to 100x faster than traditional approaches. Join us for a live discussion with tips for delivering deeper business insights in hours, not weeks.

    In this webinar you will learn how Alteryx

    • Empowers you to gain deeper business insights
    • Includes all relevant data to improve accuracy
    • Utilizes a workflow environment to help you better understand your data
    • Delivers analytic datasets for further analysis

    More details

    As a GeoAnalytics Systems Integrator company, Korem helps organizations leverage the power of corporate, customer, and geospatial data to make more insightful business decisions and improve their bottom line. Our seasoned team of professional service experts perform analytical research, predictive modeling and segmentation studies that enable clients to get full value of their data by integrating location and analytic information in a single meaningful view. For more information, please visit our website:


    Scott Digiacinto, Senior Solutions Architect, Korem Inc.

    Who should attend?

    Analysts and Line of Business Owners who want to work without restraint to create the dataset(s) they need to answer critical business questions.

  • Tuesday, Jun 23
    2:00 PM - 2:40 PM EDT
    Learn to Leverage Customer Location Data to Improve Risk Analysis, Increase Your Competitiveness and Boost ROI

    Understanding risk in order to manage exposure is a critical component to the success of every property and casualty company; accurate customer location data is a key part of the process. With accurately geocoded customer location data, your company can:

    • Create better quotes that include risk proximity
    • Analyze areas of policy concentration
    • Improve call center processes
    • Increase its level of competitiveness in the market
    • Improve the company's overall ROI

    Korem is in the business of helping insurance companies validate customer addresses and geocode them accurately on a map to support their operations and critical business systems, using Spectrum™ Spatial Technology Platform.

    In this webinar you will learn how the Spectrum™ Spatial Technology Platform will enable you to

    • Improve customer data location accuracy
    • Create risk analysis on the fly
    • Quickly provide information to your underwriter that includes customer data as well as external data sources such as historical claims, flood, quakes, etc.
    • Provide underwriters the ability to target new growth areas, avoid high risk areas and compare performance geographically

    More details

    As a geospatial systems integrator company, Korem creates value for its customers by leveraging the power of geospatial technologies and data to make more insightful business decisions. Its seasoned team of professionals, coupled with its strategic partnerships like Pitney Bowes, enables it to build the best of breed solutions for its clients. Korem helps customers get the full value of their data by integrating location and analytic information in a single meaningful view.


    Jean Sebastien Turcotte, Executive Vice President, Korem

    Who should attend

    U.S. and Canadian companies with Underwriters, Risk Analysts, IT, Sales and Marketing teams

  • Wednesday, Jun 24
    2:00 PM - 2:40 PM EDT
    Explore How LTI Lasers Can Awaken Your Inner GIS Solution

    The GIS data collection experience and workflow for field crews can be challenging at times. Most common GIS field software programs have a laser offset feature which enables you to quickly obtain position data from one location and avoid dangerous obstacles while saving time, money and resources. TruPulse® lasers can integrate with almost any professional-grade GIS data collection software available. Join LTI to learn how you can fully utilize the offset mapping capabilities within your solution without an added investment in field data collection GPS/GNSS hardware or GIS software, as well as compatible solutions and workflows for Laser GPS offset data collection.

    In this webinar you will learn about

    • Laser rangefinder sensor technology and best measurement practices for GIS data collection
    • GPS/GNSS handhelds and compatible, laser-ready GIS software solutions
    • Laser offset measurement data collection workflows with the top GIS software solutions
    • Considerations, benefits and applications for laser offset mapping with your GPS/GNSS device

    More details

    Laser Technology, Inc., has been a pioneer in the laser measurement industry for over 28 years and was first to successfully integrate a reflectorless distance laser with a tilt sensor and an electronic compass. This resulted in the creation of the TruPulse® 360: a handheld, pocket-size laser delivering three-dimensional measurements with onboard solutions for heights, span between remote points and values used for GPS offsets in reference to magnetic north. Field data collection and mapping applications for LTI technology include mining, forestry, telecommunications, construction, government, GIS and more.


    Paul Adkins, Marketing Communications Manager,
    Derrick Reish, Sr. Professional Measurement Product Manager,

    Who should attend

    GIS managers and specialists, Field Technicians, Public Works Managers, Mapping Consultants, Surveyors, Plant Superintendents, Site Managers, City Planners, Urban Foresters, Archeologists

  • Wednesday, Jul 01
    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
    How Geodesign is Busy Envisioning and Engaging with Your Neighborhood

    Never before has there been such a need for planning and design professionals to anticipate future trends, propose solutions and help communities and decision makers make the wisest, most well-informed choices possible. A new design approach — one rooted in the history of design practice and enabled by rapid advances in technology — has emerged to meet that need. This approach, called geodesign, provides the framework and tools needed to explore issues from a transdisciplinary perspective and to resolve conflicts between differing points of view.

    Join Houseal Lavigne Associates, PlaceWorks and Esri as they explore how geodesign and GIS technologies can increase your project success, highlighting the issues through several exciting case studies. Devin Lavigne, principal at Houseal Lavigne Associates, will provide insight into their approach to integrating procedural modeling into their design workflow, adding efficiency to their 3D production pipeline. Robert Kain, GIS manager at PlaceWorks, will share how their adoption of Web GIS and GeoPlanner has enabled them to make location-driven decisions on many of the firm’s land use planning projects. Brooks Patrick, geodesign account executive at Esri, will provide an overview of geodesign and discuss how Esri’s ArcGIS platform supports geodesign implementation.

    In this webinar you will learn

    • How successful firms are adopting new GIS technologies
    • How to turn geographic data into evidence-based designs
    • Ideas for incorporating geodesign concepts for urban and landscape scenario planning


    Brooks Patrick, account executive, 3D Geodesign Markets at Esri
    Devin Lavigne, principal at Houseal Lavigne Associates
    Robert Kain, GIS manager at PlaceWorks

    Who should attend

    Landscape architects, planners, urban designers, comprehensive / regional plan managers, planning departments, directors of planning and city managers

  • Thursday, Aug 27
    11:00 AM - 11:40 AM EDT
    Learn How Bentley Map Works with Esri File Geodatabase to Simplify Your Large Scale Projects

    Your large scale projects require input from a variety of sources, often times including Esri File Geodatabase. In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can work with nearly any type of data with Bentley Map’s advanced interoperability. We’ll show you a workflow that enables you to access Esri’s format for storing geospatial data while taking advantage of MicroStation’s unmatched editing and productivity tools. See how easy and efficient it is to work with an Esri File Geodatabase in Bentley Map, all while maintaining data integrity.

    Bentley Map also supports SHP and MapInfo, as well as other engineering formats like IFC and DWG, or even 3D modeling formats like CityGML and web services such as WFS. Each of these formats can be referenced to your active project for viewing, or imported so that the data becomes part of your project.

    In this webinar you will learn how to

    • Connect directly to the Esri File Geodatabase and automatically create and exchange both CAD/engineering-standard and GIS-compliant files within Bentley Map
    • Eliminate redundant workflows and improve collaboration between geospatial and engineering standards to better support multidisciplinary project teams
    • Expand your editing and productivity tools

    More details

    Bentley Map is an engineering-accurate, 2D/3D desktop GIS that provides infrastructure professionals with the right geospatial tools to create, maintain, analyze and share spatial information. It also offers a powerful, yet flexible, API for developing custom GIS applications, and a mobile application for easy access in the field.


    Inga Morozoff, Senior Application Engineer
    Benoit Fredericque, Senior Product Manager

    Who should attend

    GIS professionals, Utilities, Public Works Departments, Campuses, Airports, Military, Governments, Municipalities, Communication Companies, Transportation professionals, Site Developers and Civil Engineers.

  • Thursday, Oct 29
    11:00 AM - 11:40 AM EDT
    Learn to Use Bentley Map Mobile to Improve Your Project Outcomes Directly from the Field

    There’s no doubt that unifying field and office workflows reduces errors and improves project and service outcomes — but it’s not just about connecting to your desktop from the field; it’s about connecting your enterprise to thousands of mobile workers and updating large datasets quickly. Once you can do that, you’ll see an immediate improvement in the efficiency of your project workflow and the accuracy of your CAD, GIS or business data.

    In this webinar you will learn how to

    • Quickly access large, up‐to‐date geospatial and business data via tablets in the field
    • Improve workflows, reduce errors and improve service outcomes
    • Improve interdepartmental collaboration by leveraging i‐models

    More Details

    Bentley Map Mobile is a mobile app that provides powerful viewing capabilities for Bentley Map users, enabling fast access to very large data sets in the field. Bentley Map Mobile is for field personnel of all types, including inspectors, maintenance crews and construction personnel. With Bentley Map Mobile, field workers are kept up to date with the latest data.


    Inga Morozoff, Senior Application Engineer, Bentley Systems

    Jeff Bielefeld, Product Manager, Bentley Systems

    Who should attend

    Managers and supervisors of field personnel including inspectors, maintenance crews and construction personnel, and software systems managers

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