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  • Wednesday, Oct 07
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
    How to Add Location Analytics to Business Intelligence
    Business intelligence (BI) solutions are finding value in understanding the “where” factor of data and the ability to query location-based information. Spectrum Spatial for Business Intelligence from Pitney Bowes provides advanced location analytics and supports ten BI software solutions. In this webinar, Pitney Bowes and its partners, HP and Comerit, will explore applications and workflows and discuss the bi-directional flow of data between maps and dashboards for SAP Business Objects and other BI solutions. We will also present our solution for integrating SAP HANA with Spectrum Spatial, which illustrates the location intelligence options for enterprise IT infrastructures and big data challenges.
    In this webinar you will learn
    • Visualization options for location analytics offered by Spectrum Spatial for BI including data clustering, surface density, Voronoi diagrams, heat maps and more.
    • Bi-directional capabilities for interactively querying the data to visualize proximity relationships within the BI solution.
    • The basic technology architecture of Spectrum Spatial and SAP HANA.
    Joe Francica, Managing Director, Geospatial Industry at Pitney Bowes Software
    Brian St. Jean, Business Solution Architect at Pitney Bowes
    Manoj Suvarna, Category Director, Big Data Solutions at HP
    Tim Hays, Digital Solutions Director at Comerit
    Who should attend
    Users of business intelligence solutions that need location analytics; GIS users who are tasked with integrating data with BI solutions; Enterprise solution architects and engineers who need to deploy SAP HANA. 

  • Wednesday, Oct 21
    11:00 AM - 11:40 AM EDT
    Learn How Web Services, Apps, and Portals Are Unlocking Real Value in Utility and Communication GIS Data

    Utility and communication businesses can gain significant benefits from widening access to their GIS data beyond the core users in planning and engineering. In this webinar, we'll demonstrate how you can extend access, internally and externally, to help enhance your existing processes, improve customer relations and create new solutions to your business challenges.

    In this webinar you will learn how

    • Customer Portals provide richer information, from real-time service status to estimated restoration times
    • Analytics identify failure trends so you can more effectively target your investment and corrective measures
    • Field Operations connect crews with comprehensive information and tools for faster fault location, restoration and updating of your enterprise records
    • Task-oriented Solutions create new workflow-specific capabilities that leverage spatial information and processes

    More details

    Intergraph NetWorks is a comprehensive solution for mobile and web access and enterprise data integration that helps utility and communications businesses enhance operational insight, customer satisfaction, efficiency and data quality, and ultimately generate greater value and business advantage from existing data assets.


    Karen Bachmeyer, Intergraph
    Mike Baker, Intergraph

    Who should attend

    Utility GIS professionals, managers and supervisors

  • Thursday, Oct 29
    11:00 AM - 11:40 AM EDT
    Learn to Use Bentley Map Mobile to Improve Your Project Outcomes Directly from the Field

    There’s no doubt that unifying field and office workflows reduces errors and improves project and service outcomes — but it’s not just about connecting to your desktop from the field; it’s about connecting your enterprise to thousands of mobile workers and updating large datasets quickly. Once you can do that, you’ll see an immediate improvement in the efficiency of your project workflow and the accuracy of your CAD, GIS or business data.

    In this webinar you will learn how to

    • Quickly access large, up‐to‐date geospatial and business data via tablets in the field
    • Improve workflows, reduce errors and improve service outcomes
    • Improve interdepartmental collaboration by leveraging i‐models

    More Details

    Bentley Map Mobile is a mobile app that provides powerful viewing capabilities for Bentley Map users, enabling fast access to very large data sets in the field. Bentley Map Mobile is for field personnel of all types, including inspectors, maintenance crews and construction personnel. With Bentley Map Mobile, field workers are kept up to date with the latest data.


    Inga Morozoff, Senior Application Engineer, Bentley Systems

    Jeff Bielefeld, Product Manager, Bentley Systems

    Who should attend

    Managers and supervisors of field personnel including inspectors, maintenance crews and construction personnel, and software systems managers

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