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  • Tuesday, Sep 16
    8:00 AM - 2:00 PM EDT
    Developing an Aerial Image Workflow for UAVs

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    Just the facts
    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) promise better, cheaper and more frequent data collection. Whether you are already using a drone or are considering one, join LizardTech to learn what to do with your collected image data. We'll provide an overview of the image processing workflow and discuss options for image storage and delivery.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • Basics of georeferencing, mosaicking and orthorectifying imagery
    • Possible image outputs from imagery, including orthomosaics, DEMs and point clouds
    • Options for compressing and distributing imagery

    More details
    LizardTech is a leader in providing the fastest, easiest and most stable way to distribute compressed, high-resolution raster imagery via standard protocols, even in bandwidth-starved environments.

    This webinar is part of a broader ongoing webinar series on UAVs coordinated by Directions’ GeoSpatial Webinars. Episodes in this series cover legal and privacy aspects, UAV technology and applications, and more—look for additional UAV-related webinars throughout Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.

    Jon Skiffington, Director of Product Management, and Robert Parker, Sales Engineer, both from LizardTech

    Who should attend
    Anyone who captures imagery with a UAV  

  • Thursday, Oct 02
    2:00 PM - 2:40 PM EDT
    Geocode Where You’ve Never Geocoded Before - Verify and Geocode Worldwide Address Data with the Loqate API

    Just the facts

    Inaccurate geocodes are costly and waste vital resources when mapping and analyzing geospatial data. This webinar will clarify the importance of precision geocoding and the cost of having inaccurate geocodes. Loqate will showcase its address validation and geocode solution, and show how easy it is to access and integrate its API into a new or existing application or GIS workflow.

    In this webinar you will learn

    • the importance of getting accurate, reliable geocodes and why some popular geocoders fail
    • the value in providing precision geocoding for all 240+ countries and territories worldwide
    • how Loqate geocodes an address, from the point of capture to final coordinates
    • how to incorporate the Loqate Geocode API as part of your workflow or application, on-premises or in the cloud

    More details

    Loqate's Address Quality suite includes the ability to validate and geocode address data for all 240+ countries and territories worldwide.  Known in the market as being the only installable worldwide geocoder, the engine will also standardize, verify, and locate addresses in other character scripts such as Kanji, Hangul, and Hebrew.


    Elie Challita, Product Marketing Manager

    Katy Hammond, Senior Channel Manager, GIS

    TBD Additional speaker

    Who should attend

    CTOs, CIOs, Business Development, Data Managers, Product Managers, Geospatial Developers/Analysts/Technicians and Consultants, Spatial Data Specialists

  • Thursday, Oct 09
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
    Forensic GIS - Investigation, Litigation and Using GIS in the Courtroom

    Just the facts

    The use of GIS methods in forensic science has exploded in recent years.  Brian Brill, a small town ski patroller, needed better tools to conduct investigations and geographically map his ski mountain.  With a GIS degree from the University of Denver, Brill started Mountain Graphix, a firm that specializes in accurate 3D computer reproductions of incident scenes and expert support to give lawyers the critical edge in deposition and in court. 

    In this webinar you will learn

    • How GIS is used in legal investigations
    • The admissibility and presentation of GIS data in court
    • Recent advances in forensic GIS and what’s to come

    More details

    Mountain Graphix founder Brill coupled his interest in computer science with GIS tools and skills learned at the GIS department of the University of Denver.  The GIS program prepares students to strategically solve real-world problems and come up with cutting-edge solutions through a combination of technology and business skills. GIS students will learn the nature of geographic data while recognizing the appropriate applications of GIS technology to solve spatial issues. A Master of Science in Geographic Information Sciences (GISc) is available entirely online to students seeking advanced GIS training. University College also offers a graduate certificate in GIS both online and on campus at the University of Denver.


    Brian Brill, Forensic Animation Specialist, Mountain Graphix 

    Steven Hick, GIS Director, University of Denver

    Who should attend

    Attorneys, law enforcement and GIS professionals

  • Tuesday, Oct 14
    2:00 PM - 3:40 PM EDT
    Instant Enterprise from ROK - Learn How to Leverage ArcGIS Platform and the Cloud with Your Data

    Just the facts

    ROK’s Instant Enterprise solution provides the latest ArcGIS platform and cloud capabilities. The completely customized Instant Enterprise solution allows your organization to focus on your GIS rather than hardware and software maintenance and liberates your GIS from traditional Windows OS environments. 

    In this webinar you will learn

    • How to collaborate in a distributed environment, working anywhere and managing data anytime with anyone
    • How your enterprise can avoid costly software updates and service pack installations
    • The advantages of a scalable advanced geodatabase
    • How to move to an OS and device-independent environment using virtualized software, allowing ArcGIS on OSX directly from ROK’s cloud platform


    Mike Murphy, President, ROK Technologies

    Who should attend

    Engineering professionals, state and local government officials, CIOs/CTOs, IT managers

  • Wednesday, Oct 15
    11:25 AM - 2:00 AM EDT
    HERE Mobile SDKs for Business: Add location services to native applications

    Just the facts

    Formerly known as NAVTEQ, HERE has a 30-year history in the location industry resulting in a comprehensive global footprint. HERE Mobile SDKs for Business provide ready-to-go tools to build compelling, highly differentiated business applications.  

    In the webinar you will learn about:

    • the tools, frameworks and APIs offered in HERE Mobile SDKs
    • how to add location services to native application development on Android and iOS devices
    • how to add rich features and functions through HERE Maps, Directions and Search components

    More details

    The unique Hybrid Engine enables the preloading of maps for mobile devices for any country or region. Rendered locally on the device, applications can run online, offline or in a combined (hybrid) mode addressing the needs of users in low bandwidth or offline settings. An immersive UX, optimized for touch interfaces, supports intuitive interaction such as pinch-zoom, rotate and tilt.


    Nick Kelter, Director Product Management and Dieter Wallmann, Senior Product Manager for HERE Mobile SDKs for Business

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