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  • Wednesday, Apr 23
    12:30 PM - 1:30 PM EDT
    Cloud-based Mobile Solutions

    Even the smallest things matter with big data! Geospatial 2014 solves your big data problem using analytics through the cloud, delivered to mobile. In a user-friendly way, we make real-time connection from the field a reality and allow you to create customized solutions. We understand your big data problem and can easily manage it down to the smallest point and pixel. We shorten the life cycle between sensing change and taking action.

    Vince Smith, Executive Consultant for Geospatial Mobile at Hexagon Geospatial
    Vishnu Boorla, Manager Technical Services – Enterprise Solutions at Intergraph SG&I

    Who should attend?
    Municipal Corporations
    Public Work Department
    GIS Companies
    Development Authority
    Homeland Security

  • Wednesday, Apr 23
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
    City of Toronto Enhances Public Safety Using Real-time Big Data and Map Rendering with Oracle and AGSI

    Just the facts

    As government budgets tighten, law enforcement organizations are looking for technologies which allow them to more quickly identify and respond to public safety threats. Using Oracle Database and Oracle MapViewer, the City of Toronto Police Services worked with Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI) to leverage Go360 Social Media Edition software to search, review and map social media traffic in real time. By mapping this streaming content, public safety officials can more quickly isolate, identify and respond to incidents, thereby enhancing public safety.

    In this webinar you will learn

    • How to collect big data, like social media, and geotag it for mapping
    • How to map geotagged data to quickly identify incidents
    • How to search geotagged data for research and analysis

    More details

    Attendees will see a demo of AGSI’s Go360 Public Safety & Security Suite used by Toronto Police Services to search all publicly posted messages from organizations such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and others.  The Go360 platform uses the latest HTML5 capabilities of MapViewer.  The platform maps the location of messages sent and identifies the senders. Safety officials can use the data collected to help solve crimes, as evidence in court, to identify potential witnesses, or respond to natural disasters and other emergencies. This unique solution was recently used by all New York area police agencies for monitoring social media feeds to assist in responding to incidents “live” at the Super Bowl. It is also currently used throughout the Caribbean to ensure safety for tourists visiting the islands.


    Michael Jander, Chief Security Officer, AGSI
    Carol Palmer, Principal Product Manager, Oracle MapViewer

    Who should attend

    CIOs, IT directors, programs managers, chiefs of police, and any government officials who need to quickly identify and respond to public safety threats

  • Tuesday, May 06
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
    Learn How Customers Are Experiencing 300x Performance Gains with Oracle Spatial and Graph

    Just the facts

    Nick Salem of Neustar and Steve Pierce of Think Huddle share their realized performance benchmarks using Oracle Spatial and Graph.  With the Oracle Spatial and Graph option of Database 12c, customers can address the largest geospatial workloads and experience performance increases of 50 to 300 times for common vector analysis operations.  With just a small set of configuration changes – and no changes to application code – applications can realize these significant performance improvements.  In addition, new parallel capabilities enable raster operations that are hundreds of times faster using parallel hardware architectures. 

    In this webinar you will

    • Hear performance benchmark results from Oracle Spatial and Graph customers
    • Learn about Oracle Spatial and Graph performance features for both vector and raster operations in the Database 12c release
    • Learn how engineered systems deliver parallelism and massive processing power to Oracle Spatial and Graph systems
    • Learn tips for accelerating performance and running benchmarks with your own applications on your own systems

    More details

    Experts from Oracle, Neustar and Think Huddle will share benchmark results for Oracle Spatial and Graph in the Database 12c release for functions such as:

    • Commonly used vector operations-- aggregation, distance and containment operations
    • Geocoding using parallelism
    • Raster operations using parallelism

    Neustar provides a comprehensive GIS cloud-based analytics platform for telecom, finance, media and retail organizations.   Think Huddle is a provider of Oracle Spatial and Graph, MapViewer, Database and BI consulting services to government, utilities and private sector organizations.


    Jim Steiner, Vice President, Oracle
    Nick Salem, Distinguished Engineer, Neustar
    Steve Pierce, CEO, Think Huddle

    Who should attend

    CIOs; IT directors; GIS, location and spatial analytics professionals interested in improving enterprise spatial performance 

  • Tuesday, May 13
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
    Maximize Your Current GNSS Hand-held Device with Laser Offsets—Don’t Replace It, Enhance It!

    Just the facts

    Mobile mapping technology has come a long way. The use of laser rangefinders for field measurements and GPS offsets is increasing every day. Organizations seeking to capitalize on this growing trend must consider certain key factors when determining the best solution for laser-based field measurements and mapping, especially if the user wants to integrate with existing equipment and software.  Experts from Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) will offer guidance, weighing in on all the key factors when considering a laser offset solution.  LTI developed the first hand-held reflectorless total station and has been successfully integrating tilt and compass sensors into lasers ever since.  It’s all about 3-D measurement and offset mapping that are affordable and achievable with a high rate of consistency and repeatability. 

    In this webinar you will learn

    • Accuracy tolerances with field measurement tools
    • Total cost of ownership and training to enhance your mobile mapping system
    • Current equipment and software compatibility
    • Workflow efficiency, level of portability and overall user experience

    More details

    For 28 years, LTI has been a pioneer in the laser measurement industry, from its 1986 entry into the industry with a laser used to measure in-flight distances between planes, to a laser NASA uses in space, to recreational rangefinders used by golfers and hunters around the world.  LTI’s original hand-held reflectorless total station changed GIS mapping and its most recent pocket-sized laser with a 3-axis compass has improved field measurement gathering for professionals. LTI manufactures the TruPulse, by far the most popular hand-held laser rangefinder series used by tens of thousands of professionals all over the world.


    Paul Adkins, Marketing Communications Manager, Laser Technology, Inc.

    Derrick Reish, Sr. Professional Measurement Product Manager, Laser Technology, Inc.

    Who should attend

    GIS managers, specialists, field technicians and anyone who uses hand-held devices for field measurement

  • Thursday, Jun 12
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
    Using Google Maps Inside Esri’s ArcGIS

    Just the facts

    Arc2Earth was designed for ArcGIS Desktop users in any industry who are seeking a bridge between ArcGIS, Google Maps and Google Maps Engine.  Arc2Earth provides a simple and cost-effective way to expand on ArcGIS functionality with unprecedented speed for map updates, easy collaboration and worldwide coverage for Google Maps.

    In this webinar you will learn how to

    • Integrate Google imagery and content into ArcGIS
    • Use secure cloud computing for fast, two-way communication and updates with Google Maps Engine
    • Publish and maintain up-to-date online maps for public consumption
    • Share map data to facilitate private collaboration across geographies, departments and/or organizations


    Jack Flood, Partner, Arc2Earth

    Brian Flood, Partner, Arc2Earth

    Justin Knight, Enterprise Geospatial Sales Manager, Google Maps and Google Earth

    Who should attend

    Any GIS specialist, IT manager or administrator of ArcGIS

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